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The OWGN Team has always sought to bring our global audience the latest news and information through our internet TV and radio programs. While we remain deeply dedicated to the dissemination of truth and knowledge for the betterment of humanity. OWGN realizes the significance and necessity of heart-based living modalities in our global society. Although our network encompasses a wide variety of subjects, the core of our network is centered on “Expanding Hearts, Minds, and Souls for Future Living - Today”. As a result, OWGN strives to address topics which serve to activate the heart - mind - souls within all sovereign beings.

Sandra D. Sabatini

Founder / Executive Producer / Host

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Sandra D. Sabatini

Working in the capacity as a public figure, Sandra D. Sabatini created OWGN, Other World Global Network (learn more here about where we began) as a for-profit global transmedia educational broadcasting company and online global social community focused on social change and educational outreach. The goal was simple, bring forward the world's foremost social change makers, experts and leaders in science, spirituality, history, archaeology, paranormal/fringe, exopolitics, free energy, and eco-sustainability and so much more - to educate and make a difference in the lives of those around the world.


OWGN brings forward educational broadcasts to truly expand hearts, minds, and souls for future living - today. For over 10-years OWGN's core values are the expansion of planetary human consciousness, the importance of heart intelligence, DNA activation, and the full integration of the heart-mind-soul.


Professionally, Sandra is the active President and CEO of multiple companies and brands - global ventures that include, life sciences, future technology, multi-cast /cross channel media, and unconventional educational programs. Her business relations consist of some of the world’s top experts in both public and private sectors, including corporations, research foundations, and academic institutions – which serve to develop the latest technological, scientific, and academic initiatives.  




Education has always been a corner stone of Sandra's life. Growing up in a blue color family in Kentucky these pursuits were not easy. Through strong will and determination Sandra was able to put herself through many educational institutions. She holds many advanced degrees in various disciplines.


In November 2011 Sandra was hand selected by the director of the Life Physics Group - California (LPG-C), Dr. A.R. Borden - Biophysicist, under his tutelage, given a very thorough "scientific/cosmic education" and inducted into many "Skunk Works" aka: Black Projects (compartmentalized projects, skunkscience (theoretical), skunktechnology (applications). Because of her unique skills and family background, she was elected by Dr. Borden to be the Managing Projects Director of  "Special Projects" under his direct report. A member of the The Linkage Institute aka: The Link, she petitioned (under a pseudonym) with Dr. Borden, a "council" on the behalf of the human race. Inclusively, as Managing Projects Director of Special Projects, she co-created programs with Dr. Borden within LPG-C where (RV) Remote Viewing (aka: gnosive tasking) and mind-to-mind (MTM) communication, in addition, PSI/Paranormal abilities were used. 


Due to her unique qualifications and experience, in October 2012 Sandra was selected by Dr. Borden and a "special unacknowledged group" to work in the highest levels of "Exopolitical Affairs" on 2 - major joint programs.


Her participation and understanding of global and cosmic affairs has distinguished her in both social and political circles among a selective inner circle of who's who. Sandra worked closely with Dr. Borden (and other unnamed people in various government agencies) "White Hats" in bringing about public disclosure in Exoplotics and Advanced Technology Programs and TTP. 


In March 2013 Sandra resigned her position at IDEAS Global: Institute for the Development of Energetic Application Sciences (a separate division company affiliated with the LPG-C: Life Physics Group - California) to focus on her own business projects.

Natalie N. Sabatini

Co-Founder / Publisher / Host

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Natalie N. Sabatini

Co-host for Other World Global TV™ and Other World Global Radio™. Natalie’s background and accumulation of experience in cross-cultural relations, contributed towards the creation of Other World Global Network™ with the intention of “Expanding Hearts, Minds and Souls for Future Living -Today.”





In May 2014 she received her B.A. in Psychology from Sacramento State University, graduating with honors Magna Cum Laude. Prior to graduation she worked as an avid scholar and researcher with specializations in · Cross Cultural Psychology · Industrial and Organizational Psychology · Management · Cognitive Neuroscience · R&D: Research and Development · Social Science. Her educational pursuits continue towards her Phd. Inclusively, she was nominated for the prestigious McNair Scholars Programs, for her doctoral studies through involvement in scientific research and other scholarly activities.


She is an active member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, an honor society that recognize and encourage superior scholarship. Its mission is "to recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others. And the World Affairs Council of America, who’s mission is dedicated to educating and engaging Americans on global issues and foreign policy.


Her international volunteer outreach experience includes time as a global volunteer coordinator for the World Genesis Foundation, 501c3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the mission to "leave no child without hope for the future."  Who’s focus, apart from the alleviation of all kinds of suffering, is to create opportunities for the moral, physical and intellectual development of youth in areas of the world where opportunities are limited or do not exist today.


Additionally, Natalie is also the Vice President of the following companies respectfully. Other World Global Network™, a or-profit global transmedia educational broadcasting company. EarthHope Foundation™, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and online global social community focused on social change and educational outreach. Mind Sciences Institute™, an online educational training institute focused on self-development training programs. 

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