Sol: The Life and Times of Our Celestial Stargate

Throughout history, the Sun has been worshiped as a god. Ancient civilizations recognized the importance and purpose of the Sun’s consciousness. While the societal paradigm no longer requires Sun worshipping, there is no doubt that our Sun is an interesting entity.


Several ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Mayans, preserved the knowledge of the Sun’s unique characteristics. For example, they believed that the Sun was intrinsically connected to humanity and the Earth. The primordial civilizations possessed the secret knowledge of Sun, such as the fact that it was utilized regularly as a stargate by several cosmic cultures in order to transverse universes.

Although much of our solar knowledge has been misconstrued or lost, the fact remains that the Sun is directly connected to cycles. Similar, the concepts of cyclical patterns have long been associated with time. Perhaps this is the why the Mayans, the legendary time keepers, conceptualized time and their calendars in a circular fashion.

In Hollywood, our Sun has been portrayed as an inter-dimensional gateway to other worlds. Although this idea may sound outlandish and fictional, NASA has captured images of large structures, some would say extraterrestrial crafts, departing from the Sun. Regardless of the origins of these peculiar objects, the fact remains that hundreds of thousands of NASA images and videos have been leaked onto the internet.

Has earth’s Sun long been used as a stargate? Is it truly a celestial method of transportation to other worlds, parallel universes, or time periods? Classified documents revealed through the Freedom of Information Act suggest that cosmic cultures (i.e., aliens), as well as our own military, have utilized stargates for eons and continue to do so. For instance, in the United States there is a special group affiliated with the United States Navy that has developed its own secret space program. This group has been disclosed as actively engaging in off-world missions involving time control access. These and other technologies are possessed by private groups which withhold this highly guarded information from the public.


(Now an extreme close up)


Could this "Mysteries Object" possibly be this? (see below)


(Details regarding this object)


According to the National UFO Reporting Center,, more than 50% of the American population believes in the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. The evidence behind this statistic can be confirmed by the sheer quantity of YouTube videos showing unidentified flying objects (UFOs), which only continue to exponentially increase by the day.

Are we truly witnessing otherworldly activity, or perhaps something a little more familiar? The fact is that most of us will never truly know if we are truly observing an extraterrestrial presence or private projects funded by our world governments and corporations.

Is the human race on the cusp of rediscovering the long-lost knowledge of stargates? Is the sacred knowledge of stargates and our sun truly encoded and embedded within our cellular memories?

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