Time Travel: A Lighter Perspective

Perhaps we should perceive "crop circles" in a different light. They are not only the coolest, kick ass inter-dimensional time-space form of "internet" available; they are literally messages in a bottle. They are a means of sending messages back in time, which incorporate binary codes using circular patterns of light to twist the time-space continuum. Using these binary codes one can send not only data but corporal objects, such as: people, objects (e.g. TR-3A drones).

Image Credit Nadine May; Graphic title: Time Travel

Has this been done before? Imagine sending a drone through time-space from 1999 to 1980. One could easily mistake such an “advanced” drone for a UFO. This begs the question, “what is reality?” “What is time?” Upon which foundational code is your reality created upon? Although unbelievable, the world and reality matrix you perceive are built on a series of codes comparable to those depicted in movies such as The Matrix. The human matrix system is composed of similar binary codes are light. If we think of the composition of light or lasers, we realize they are essentially energetic frequencies.

What is frequency without a spectrum? What are all the “things” in your reality composed of? What are you “made up of”? How do things manifest in your reality? How are they taken from the ethers and generated into our present reality?

Through certain types of technologies and training methodologies, we can utilize programmable codes in order to write and sculpt our own future. Individuals can learn how to access these codes through distinct training. For example, in Eastern cultures it is well understood how intensive esoteric education can be used to achieve higher states of awareness and information acquisition.

On the opposite spectrum, it is also known that private government organizations—human and non-human alike—incorporate the use of such technologies to achieve comparable effects. This brings up the topic of intelligent life beyond our cosmos. Who are these beings we call E.T.s and aliens? It is possible that some of them are visitors from afar. However, have we ever contemplated the idea that perhaps these “aliens” may be future version of ourselves, that is, a future (parallel) version of humanity?

Does the concept of time travel still seem ludicrous and farfetched? After all, aliens already know how to operate time-related technologies. They pop in and out of the fabric of reality in a manner reminiscent of Edwin Abbott’s Flatland. Effortlessly, they shift through timelines.

Although we use the word timeline, this term is not truly accurate. Time itself is cyclical rather than linear. How many of us have contemplated the reasoning behind the inception of the word timeline? Could it be that the word “timeline” was created for humanity to establish a mental reference point or image of a predetermined reality? Truthfully, the use of such mental imagery has only served to facilitate a visual construction of a skewed reality.

The key to understanding time travel boils down to understanding the fundamental levels of human perception. In order to time travel, one must understand one’s point of reference relative to one’s perception of the present reality, while maintaining an awareness of the time-space continuum and its potential cyclical entry points.

From this perspective, we have come to the conclusion that crop circles are not the only medium through which information can be used to transcribe cyclical entry points. In fact, there are several time-related entry points found throughout a given “time cycle”. One can only imagine how other species in space conceive of ideas such as cyclical cycles and thus access the various entry points within the time spectrum.

Although the notion of time traveling extraterrestrial astronauts is intriguing, some could argue that the concept of a time-traveling future version of humanity is no less fascinating. Maybe time travelers are all around us; it is simply that we cannot see them because of our limited perception of our time-space reality construct.

Perhaps humanity needs to expand its perception in order to access the full spectrum existing beyond the HMS: Human Matrix System.

While daunting at first, the notion of time-travel opens Pandora’s box of unimaginable possibilities. If time travel were possible, this would mean that one could create a point of access to: The past, present, and future. This brings to the forefront the question of how time streams operate.

How does the human mind perceive past, present, and future events? Scientific evidence has already proven that our conceptualization of past, present and future linear timelines are illusionary properties of a holographic universe. If the nature of our holographic universe is cyclical, then accessing past, present, and future parallel realities is also a possibility.

Quantum scientists agree that the veils between parallel realities are so close—just waiting for us to rediscover them. After all, all of humanity’s history is interwoven. Ancient history converges with the present and brings into full cycle our Atlantean past, as well as the concept of chronos.

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Image Credit: Nadine May; Graphic title: Time Travel

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