Disclosure around the corner?

Is disclosure around the corner?

Well a recent series of public events may provide a crack in the wall needed for more information to make it's way out to the general population.


A recent post via Facebook from Donald J. Potts


"The governments of the earth still deny that ETs and UFOs are real. Then how do you explain my friend/whistleblower Staff Sergeant Clifford Stone who worked in the US Army UFO Recovery Teams. The manual they used in "The Teams" (the real ones, not the Navy Seals) was MAJESTIC--12 Group Special Operations Manual (SOM1-01) Extraterrestrial Entities And Recovery And Disposal. SSG Clifford Stone is now retired from the US Army, but this is what he did for most of his military career. He has also testified before Congress and talks about the 57 ET species the military knew about during the 1980s that had or were visiting earth (that number is around 200 species today). The military has recovered numerous space crafts and numerous ETs both before the incident in Roswell, New Mexico, up until the very present. Throughout the years the Military Industrial ET Complex (MIEC) has both recovered and back engineered all kinds of off-world technologies. The Illuminati run an entire secret space program with anti-gravity space crafts. The secret space program has and is using technologies that are 100s, if not 1000s, of years more advanced than what the average person knows anything about. " end qoute..






This FREE PDF file includes 23 pages of the 'Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual', dated April 1954.


Thank you Clifford Stone and Donald J. Potts for bringing this information forward to Humanity.



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