An announcement has stirred up the Alternative / Free Energy movement.

Dave Parker, founder of the FREE Energy Movement (www.FreeEnergyParty.org) has made a public declaration that they have built a working free energy model and are ready to release even further information in an upcoming scheduled FREE LIVE! Online WebCast hosted by Other World Global TV (www.OtherWorldGlobalTV.com on Febuary 20th 2016 at 4pm Eastern (USA - new York time). Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/430021030526952/ and FREE to Watch WebCast here: http://tinyurl.com/ParkerFreeEnergyLIVE

Parker states to Other World Global TV founders Natalie & Sandra Sabatini, "this will be historic!"

Parker went on to release the following globally before the scheduled Global TV WebCast.

Via Dave Parker (Facebook post qoute: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=913729788734458&set=gm.749322418532746&type=3&theater )

A "invention" recently tested and proven. Energy"!,... folks. Please read and Understand",. And Share. ~"THE FREE ENERGY PARTY WILL REVERSE THE GRID.....ALLOW US TO PRESENT ......"THE GREEN MACHINE" 500watts makes 20 liters per minute!!! Now we got it folks!

Anything under 2.4 watt hours per liter is over-united according to David Wenbert using traditional water electrolysis and applying Faraday conversion ratios ..... 500 watts for 1 minute makes 20 liters. Per liter, that's 25 watt minutes. Next divide by 60 minutes in a hour, get 0.416 watt hours per liter. If you did the math, ie 2.4 divided by 0.416, there is room to prove overunity with overground demonstrations even with a Chinese gen set running on the order of 0.25% efficiency. But for home installations we will use the 90% efficient PEM fuel cells to power the home.The test results showed breaking the barrier of the famous 1.23 volts. We will show the unit running on on a 3.7 volt lithium ion because it is handy but give a moment and next he will show a 1.22 Volt that breaks history or scientific standard. But the inventor doesnt like to think of it that way,he is very humble.

He says he is just going to show something that is not supposed to happen. And he believes that God has shown the FEP as the way to move this into the open.

He is humble and genuinely good. He just wants to do good in this world.

He will show it ringing it and pulsing it with on the board voltmeters in and out he will show the change of voltage and use outside guage as well as the board to show that it is accurate. This electrolyzer atypically shows endothermic reaction not exothermic, it gets cooler not hotter...other electrolyzers get hotter and hotter..it will start a war of words and a debate.... I will be bombarded, but I am used to that. By the way, honorable madams and sirs, the Independent Test Lab hot shots were sure this would fail the testing, and were so shocked at the repetitive data results would not show them any area of failure. After retesting and instrument callibration down to .oooo1 both before and after nothing showed out of calibration. They used half a million dollars worth of test equipment. It took three months for multiple experts to review and assess the data. Then they released results. Then the patent Office intervened asking certain secretive information on how it works not be disclosed in the patent but be removed so it would not be picked up by China, because it is a world breakthrough tech.

They attempted to make them work for a DOE contractor and thereby give up control because there was approximately 22-38 uses in chemicals, pharmaceuticals , clean coal, cooling turbine bearings, etc. for immediate device applications with no mention of energy applications in large. The Inventor didn't want to give the tech to only be suppressed and controlled and is now offering it to the world and to the people by way of the Free Energy Party who is standing in to protect the people involved against illegal Monopolistic Restraint of Trade. We are running the Green Machine for President , we hope you vote for the REVERSING THE GRID AND MAKING THE PEOPLE THE POWER PRODUCERS in a decentralized grid instead of War over Oil as your current power producer.

end quote..

Parker went on to provide the following link: http://overunity.com/16400/free-energy-party-green-machine-3rd-party-verified-overunity-electrolyzer#.VsKd2ND4jm4

which has been verified by an independant 3rd Party Test lab. This Electrolyzer is generating 20 Liters per Minute HHO gas at just 500 Watts of input, so it is way overunity.

Pictures and more will be shared at this LIVE! Online WebCast.

David Parker is a leading figure in the Free/Alternative Energy movement, and is spearheading various technologies to the public. We are looking forward to what he will be revealing to the public on this upcoming Global WebCast.

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