The Real Story Behind the Agartha to Humanity World Symposium

Agartha To Humanity World Symposium

Article by, Natalie N. Sabatini

How it all began, the back story.

In May of 2014, Other World Global Network’s Sandra and Natalie Sabatini conducted three significant interviews with Ambassador Maassen and her student/translator, Oana Dembele. All three videos pertaining to the “Voice of Agartha” [Parts 1-3] are available in Romanian with English translations and English/Romanian transcripts are located on the Other World Global TV website.

Three years have passed since the first initial introduction of Ambassador Maassen to the American public. Since that time she has continued to share her knowledge about quantum medicine and future technologies at her clinic in Romania. In an effort to educate the global human population about its true origins and introduce consciousness studies, she has since began to disclose more information to the general public in Europe. She even gave recently an comprehensive interview to world-renown Exopolitical expert, Alfred Webre seen here.

Although information about Agartha and Inner Earth have become hot topics adopted by several individuals within the UFO community, Ambassador Maassen was the first individual to extensively address the subject of Agartha—a place she’s intimately familiar with and lovingly calls “home”.

On December 2016, Tamarinda Maassen, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Inner Earth and Master Teacher of the Ancient School of Wisdom, reached out to Other World Global Network’s Sandra D. Sabatini to discuss the possibility of hosting an event of monumental consequence in New York. Always aware of the collective consciousness and the significance of reaching the appropriate time-space, Ambassador Maassen directly asked Sandra D. Sabatini “Are [the people] ready to receive the information Agartha has to offer?” “Will they understand the sacredness of the information?” Upon deep consideration of Ambassador Maassen’s questions, Other World Global Network was prepared to open discussions of hope and belief in humanity. Out of profound respect and gratitude to the ambassador, Other World Global Network’s Sandra and Natalie Sabatini accepted the invitation to host Tamarinda Maassen and two of her senior students from the Agarthan/Hyperborean - Ancient School of Wisdom, Teodor Maassen and Oana Dembele. The course was set, with a specific mission - next would be the inclusion of special guest speakers selected by The Amabassador with input by Sandra Sabatini. A ture collaberation was formed.

When the Agartha to Humanity World Symposium (ATHWS) was officially released to the public through announcement of a global press release in December 2016, there were those who questioned the validity of the event. Several expressed the ATHWS would not take place and feared a government shut-down. For our virtual attendees as well as our chat moderators, it soon became apparent that there was indeed a concentrated effort from certain government agencies to destroy any trace of video content from the ATHWS. Our global readers may be interested to know that some our physical attendees were Chinese, Russian, and American agents, curious to see what would be disclosed at the event. We would like to inform these agents that your presence was known from the beginning. Especially those of you who personally revealed yourselves to Ambassador Maassen and asked for a private consultation. At the very least, we hope everyone who attended the symposium appreciated the information gifted to humanity.

Since the inception of the Agartha to Humanity World Symposium, it was understood that many who encountered the event would fail to recognize its critical significance on a larger scale. After all, to the outside observer the symposium’s purpose was to discuss the subject of Inner Earth. Due to a lack of understanding, detractors failed to take into consideration “the larger plan”. Humanity—our human representatives, our ATHWS attendees (physical and virtual)—were witnesses to a dramatic change affecting the time-space continuum. Whether or not they were cognizant of their participation, these attendees took the first step towards global disclosure.

Did you think we were alone?

What is visible to our perception does not always accurately portray the totality of the space we occupy. Attendees and followers of the Agartha to Humanity World Symposium (ATHWS) will be delighted to know that this critical event was witnessed by those above. As the saying goes, “As above, so below. As previously mentioned, the ATHWS was closely monitored by various government agencies. These included approximately 10-so called “AT&T” white vans. When vans of that quantity are present for a three-day event—with no internet outage reported by the hotel—from morning until evening, without any reason for their presence, nefarious intent becomes blatantly obvious. They were there to stop any Live! Streaming (signal) digitally (jamming/freezing the stream) from coming out of the event. Which they did.

Despite the intent fixed on the ATHWS, as well as the psychic attacks directed against Ambassador Maassen, we must never forget the cosmic cultures who are watching and waiting for humanity. The Agarthans are not the only beings who have been waiting for humanity to prepare for disclosure. Dozens of different beings were able to view the event. This was confirmed by the Ambassador herself when she made it known their were beings in the room and from afar that were present.... Most importantly, humanity is waiting for itself. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

What does disclosure imply?

Disclosure implies a change in perception, consciousness, and psychology. Preparing oneself to interact with interdimensional beings (whether corporeal or non-physical) requires intelligence and a crucial understanding of quantum physics, nature, and cosmic cultures. What better method to expand consciousness than to return to the basic components—the fundamental teachings perpetuated by wise beings since the beginning of time? The secrets of life and the secrets of consciousness are imbedded in mandalas—a subject extensively discussed at the ATHWS by monk and senior student of the Ancient School of Wisdom Teodor Maassen. Among the purpose of mandalas, he mentioned how mandalas are living vehicles that can change reality. If you are interested in recieving you own personal Mandala you can contact Teodor here.

(Above: is a personal mandala created by Teodor Maassen for Natalie N. Sabatini)

Many Mandalas hold the source code (computer term) to hack reality as we know it - states, Sandra Sabatini.

Starting to see the correlation?

The ATHWS was not only an inception point to discuss the Agarthans, it was also a 3-day intensive course designed to teach attendees how to interact with cosmic cultures. This symposium was a first step for humankind. In order to participate with other cultures on a galactic, intergalactic, and interdimensional scale, humanity must first learn about itself through nature. There is much about our own DNA, as well as our own personal history which has been suppressed, both psychically and physically with technology by special interest groups.

On a larger level, we recognize there is fear. However, we believe this fear has arisen due to a lack of understanding. Humanity has been gifted the opportunity to change its collective future as the seven year timeline for global disclosure begins now.

What was discussed at the Symposium?

Hundreds of followers of the ATHWS have written to ask about what was shared by Ambassador Maassen and the other speakers. Each of the speakers had the opportunity to share their expertise as well as information about Romania which is directly connected to humanity’s past, present, and future.

***The information below is a simple summary of the information presented by each speaker and does not represent a comprehensive analysis of the information presented ***

Presentation 1 | Ambassador Tamarinda Maassen:

Ambassador Maassen discussed the nature of reality. According to the Ambassador, there are several planes of existence and humanity’s plane resides closer to realm of the demons, despite the light contained within the human soul. Among several revelations about the human condition, the Ambassador explained that currently, only a portion of those inhabiting the planet are real. Some appear to be real. However, these people are merely projections occupying this planet—they are not truly real. Humanity is undergoing a transitional phase and those who manage to successfully make the shift will find themselves on the real Earth.

The Ambassador also elucidated about parasitic entities who attack and prey upon humanity. Viruses, bacteriuria, herpes and cancer originate from parasites or fungi which make their way into the bloodstream of the host and then lodge themselves in the brain and other vital organs of the body. AIDS and HIV were mentioned as man-made creations used to destroy the human immune system. Among talks of demons and parasites however, the Ambassador revealed that AIDS and other diseases were curable with the assistance of quantum technologies. She also discussed how often our personal thoughts have the potential to be detrimental to our physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. The power of the mind—our thoughts—have the ability to change our cellular structure within 20 minutes.

Our global readers will be excited to know that the powers of the feminine and masculine energies were also expounded upon in terms of creations. The woman has the power to create life while the male carries thousands of potentials within himself. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions in real time during the various lectures.

Questions about the origin of the Solomonari, as well their ability to control the weather were discussed. The Solomonari were recognized as guardians to sacred sites throughout Romania. These individuals often appear as beggars yet their real purpose is to test the worthiness and hearts of those they encounter. They were likened to wise magicians with intimate knowledge of nature and the universe.

Limited information was given regarding chromosomes 23 and 24. The Ambassador stressed the importance of these chromosomes for the future as they are directly linked to the heart and the evolution of humanity.

Presentation 2 | Teodor Maassen: