OWG Magazine works with a team of Contributors in order to provide a diversity of perspectives

which cover a breadth of intersectional and inclusive topics in our online magazine.


When reviewing applications for potential Contributors, we look for the following:


(1) Research expertise in the social and life sciences


(2) Artistic/creative abilities (writing, film production, royalty free graphics) that match our unique style.


(3) Experience in communications, media, social and global affairs


Prospective Contributors:

We only review applications from contributors whose expertise, research interests, and written/artistic contributions match the core concept of OWG Magazine, which is focused on “Expanding Heart, Minds, & Souls for Future Living”™.


Editorial Approach

Our posts are aimed at broadening the general public’s understanding of their physical and quantum existence. As a branch of OWGN | Other World Global Network, the core concept of OWG Magazine remains dedicated to“Expanding Heart, Minds, & Souls for Future Living”™.

Our magazine consists of an eclectic range of topics from knowledgeable individuals and world renowned experts from diverse fields.


We are seeking well-written down-to-earth, emotionally reflective, and positive style articles that are 1,500-1,700 words long.


They provide informative articles on:


  • Future technological developments: alternative energy systems

  • Practical health solutions: dietary changes, alternative medicine

  • Regenetics and DNA ~ the art of cellular communication

  • Human history and ancient mysteries: separating fact from myth

  • Beyond Exopolitics: Global and Cosmic Affairs:

  • Transformative quantum healing and wellness

  • The science behind meditation, relaxation, creativity, and leisure

  • Regenerative ecological education ~ creating green solutions

  • Exploring the frequency behind the human template: symbolic art, music, and neuroacoustics

  • Examining our future psychosocial systems: the matrix of tomorrow


Have a topic not listed above that you feel our readers would enjoy?


Let us know, we are open to orginal ideas and alternative subjects. Email us at, OWGM@OtherWorldGlobalNetwork.com


We are also experimenting with original audio and videos inserts currently. They follow a similar approach and are adapted to their format and its unique advantages and limitations. We do not publish general commentary, media critiques, or book reviews that do not have a social impact angle.


Expectations and Benefits

If you end up joining the team as a Contributor, you will be expected to do 1-2 posts per month, with the support of our editors. Also, you will enjoy these benefits:


  •  Upon approval & acceptance of your article to our publication payment per post of $10.00USD per article (flat rate) via PAYPAL.

         (*As subscribers increase this rate will go up!)

  •  Opportunity to join our speakers line up at our annual conference.

  •  Becoming a part of the team for one of the fastest growing online magazines on expanding consciousness and future living.


Next Steps

If you would like to become a regular Contributor for OWG Magazine please send us an email below [ OWGM@OtherWorldGlobalNetwork.com ] , which includes a pitch for a trial run post. Based on the application and our team needs, we will reach out to people who feel like a good match to further discuss the idea for the trial run post.



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